an inter-disciplinary exploration of artist Elizabeth Jameson's brain


Thursday, November 12
5 - 7 pm

The Commonwealth Club
595 Market Street | San Francisco, CA

John + Tavia Doffing are hosting a

Reception for the Artist
following Elizabeth Jameson's opening at the Commonwealth Club:

OTIS >> 25 Maiden Lane
7 pm - 9 pm | November 12, 2009

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Documentary Short: When a lawyer specializing in children's disability rights becomes unable to work due to a massive brain lesion caused by multiple sclerosis, she turns to art, using her numerous brain scans to create prints and paintings that show the beauty and complexity of the brain.


Commonwealth Club exhibition to showcase an inter-disciplinary exploration of artist Elizabeth Jameson's brain

October 21, 2009 - San Francisco, CA – Artist Elizabeth Jameson today announced the details of her latest exhibition, an inter-disciplinary exploration of her own brain.

CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF: A BRAIN JOURNEY opens at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on November 12, 2009, and will run through January 7, 2010.

Using her collection of hundreds of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans of her own brain as a common starting point, Elizabeth Jameson creates artwork in a variety of mediums.

The resulting creations are quite literally a visual record of the artist's conversations with herself.

Elizabeth Jameson's CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF: A BRAIN JOURNEY will feature solarplate etchings, silk paintings, textile art, mixed media pieces, and digital work.

"I start with these stark, intimidating pieces of dark plastic that have defined and delineated the most challenging facets of my life for the past twenty years,' according to Elizabeth Jameson. "And I attempt to transform them into something beautiful.'

"In what most people would find formidable, Elizabeth finds an astounding beauty", according to Lynn Curtis, curator at The Commonwealth Club. "The result is a series of paintings and prints that are absolutely radiant, and I am honored to bring this amazing and life-affirming exhibition to the Commonwealth Club."

Elizabeth Jameson's CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF: A BRAIN JOURNEY uniquely re-contextualizes medical images into something else entirely.

"By using art to understand her own brain, Elizabeth has found new layers of meaning - and beauty - in oft-seen medical images," according to Dr. Stephen L. Hauser, neuroimmunologist and Chair of the Department of Neurology at UCSF, whose research has dramatically advanced our understanding of the genetic basis, immune mechanisms, and treatment of multiple sclerosis. "I’ll never again look at an MRI scan in the same way.”

'Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a remarkable medical tool, able to probe the brain at unprecedented resolution, but the limiting factor is what can be picked up with a strong magnet,' according to art critic and conceptual artist Jonathon Keats, whose own work frequently explores the brain and consciousness. 'The MRI an objective representation of externally-collected data. Jameson's paintings and prints provide an alternative perspective by colorfully revealing how the brain resonates emotionally in the mind of the beholder.'


Bay Area artist Elizabeth Jameson creates artwork that celebrate the beauty and remarkable adaptive abilities of the human brain. Jameson lives with multiple sclerosis and uses her own MRI brain scans to create art that explores her life, complete with emotional, physical and spiritual complexity. Jameson’s solo show, Conversations with Myself: A Brain Journey is on display at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco from November 3 through January 7, 2010.


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Thursday, November 12
Five to Seven P.M.

The Commonwealth Club
595 Market Street San Francisco, CA

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