Bringing The Beauty Back to Market St!

Welcoming Chor Boogie's Art

A Gift From Chor Boogie, To The City, For The City

This Saturday, November 21 @ 11:00 AM
1028 Market St between 6th and 7th Streets


Hello Good People,

As you know, spray paint artist Chor Boogie was stabbed last weekend while confronting paint thieves as he worked on his mural, “The Perception of Color Therapy” in the city of San Francisco at 1028 Market St between 6th and 7th ST’s. The mural was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission to beautify the community. The mural is nearly ˝ of a city block long in the heart of San Francisco. He and all of us are extremely lucky that his life was not taken in this turn of events. Chor is in pain, but resting up and preparing for a resilient return to this amazing creation for Market ST.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has visited Chor at the mural site and even helped along with the painting at one point. He has enjoyed watching Chor paint. More importantly, the common person walking down the street enjoys watching Chor paint daily. We would like to invite you, and everyone you know, to join us in welcoming Chor back to the mural as his gift to you. Chor will give a brief welcome speech and a live demonstration on the mural. He will also pick some children from the audience to participate in painting the mural. This will be a peaceful Media Event to celebrate Chor’s gift to the city of San Francisco. Supporting this event means you are supporting a safer city of San Francisco. So please utilize your grassroots skills to the fullest capacity so we can show Chor our Grand appreciation.

We hope to meet you at the mural site this Saturday, 11/21/09 at 11:00 AM.

Mural Site: The Perception of Color Theory
1028 Market St (Between 6th and 7th Streets)
San Francisco, CA

Director of Cultural Affairs Luis R. Cancel said,

"We are thrilled Chor will complete the mural “The Color Therapy of Perception,” because we know the work will brighten the streetscape and draw people to Market Street to see the completed art work. We also know artists often work in adverse settings to bring hope and change to neighborhoods and we support Chor's determination to return to Market Street to finish his painting."

We would love to enjoy your company as well as your love and support. Please find photographs of the mural in progress attached. We would really appreciate it if you could send this message on to your emails lists and spread word in any way you can. Thank you very much again for your support that has been pouring in.






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